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Upcoming Camp Dates for 2013

by admin
Published on: March 22, 2011
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Here’s the schedule for our signature five-week Athletic Bootcamps:
August 7th          – COMPLETED
September 11th  — IN SESSION
October 16th       — All AVAILABLE
Please note: all dates listed above are for 7am,  8am or 9am classes only.
Slots fill up fast, so make your reservation soon! Please call 303-885-9694 or email to register.

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Closed Friday October 18th!!!

by Gregory
Published on: October 18, 2013
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We are closed today due to weather.

Gettin it in while Bossman’s on Vacation Workout

by Gregory
Published on: April 14, 2013
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Here it is yall: If you have access to a gym do both workouts -if not, do the bodyweight/cardio routine.


Bodyweight (too poor for a gym!) Workout:

5 minute run at moderate pace into 5 minute interval run (speed up/slow down/speed up faster/….. -push yourselves here!

Light stretches of all lower body and shoulders.

Grab a stopwatch and see how many bodyweight squats you can do in 5 minutes -all knee line or below -I’ll know!!!

1 set of ‘Round Da World Lunges: Thats front/quarter/side and rear 15 reps of each.

Time how many knee tucks you can do in 2 minutes -get em’ up! Loud music recommended here.

200 crunches str8

40 Ab Bikes with crunches -thats 4 low/4 high and then superset into 10 pushups for 3 rounds no break. Terribad pushup people -you know the drill….4 count Negatives!

40/60/80 Jumping Lunges -no break till done!

200 Short Arm Jacks at rapiod fire intensity

Side Plank 1minute hold into 30 up/downs. No break.

Thats it for yall -holler if you  need further instruction or screaming over speaker phone -no extra charge. This is a 3 round routine.


Gym Heads:

Grab a rower and go no less than 34 rpm’s for 8 minutes str8.

Stretch as above.

Full Body Circuit Training (Machines): Thats

   -Squats or Leg Press: (wide feet and toes past knees at full range drops)

   - Leg Extension (the one you sit  in and raise your legs from 45  to 90): Use 3/3 count   and DON”T lock out the knees at top -squeeze Quads instead while creating shake on the drops.

  - Lying Hamstring Curl Machine: Same as above but squeeze glutes/hammys

  -Lat Pulldowns: Lean back, tuck knees and use a wide grip. Pull down into chest while flexing your lats (wings), hold the clench 1 count then release on a 3 count.

  -Cable Row: Use very narrow handles and focus on inside middle back pinch 3/3 count

 - Chest Press or Bench: Chest out, elbows in. Don’t lock  elbows out at the top but clench pecs instead (hard!!!) Breath!!!!!

-Chest Flyes: Same as above but be careful not to over extend on the out (bad 4 shoulder). 1 count blood clench while on the squeeze.

-Calf Press/Raise Machine: You know the drill. Go heavy and lock out your knees while playing see-saw with your toes’ies -they’re great!!

 You’ll start from first move and quickly move thru this circuit until you finish 1 round THEN you break for 45 seconds. 4 rounds in total.


 Reps are 15/12/10/8 while increasing weight every round.


 Good luck and keep your form tight!!!!!




Strength Hoodie Qualifier!

by Gregory
Published on: September 5, 2012
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BENCH: 120



MILE: 6:29


Strength Hoodie Qualifier!

by Gregory
Published on: August 25, 2012
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  Congrats to Denise “Belki”!

                                                                                   BENCH: 105

                                                                                   DEADLIFT: 205

                                                                                   CLEAN : 100  

                                                                                   SQUAT: 195



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